Monday, February 23, 2009

Old Grooves

Well, I only have one class left (tomorrow) until April so things are pretty relaxed. I went in to school Thursday and they were like “why are you here?” so I went home and Friday I didn’t even go in. Good thing too, because it dumped snow that night! I instead spent the day cleaning one of the rooms in my house for the inevitable move; throwing out lots of stuff, then going through all the clothes in my wardrobe. I mostly got rid of clothes that balloon and make me look bigger than I am. I’ll do some good shopping when I go home. I was thinking of sending those clothes home to donate to charity, but there really is a lot, and it really is heavy. I think the money spent sending them would be better spent on presents or weird stuff to bring home.

So ya, one room is fairly clean now there are 2 big ones and a kitchen left to go through. Saturday was spent with some friends as we drove up to get REAL pizza in Okaya. Somehow the hour drive stretched into two and a half, but the pizza was worth it. In the midst of going through games together we touched an old favourite of mine, Eternal Darkness for the Game Cube. As such, I simply had to play it again as it reached that magic point where it’s been long enough that I forgot most of the puzzles and story; and that’s how my Sunday was spent. I did beat it too, at 2 in the morning; so today I’m a bit tired.

So ya, the last 3 weekends I stayed in and maybe saved enough money doing that to pay off my car by now; given my previous “go out and do stuff” shindigs. Maybe I’ll leave school early today to do more of that cleaning and getting ready to move.

I’m excited to visit Canada. So this is how my blog would look if I wrote it while I was still living there. I've been getting in touch with my old self lately; the reverse culture shock will still be huge though when I go home...

I'm just wondering now what to do for my birthday next weekend. I’m on the fence between going to Tokyo where it’s a big city and having some crazy adventure like I usually do, or having friends over for video games again, and maybe having a nabe party. I love nabe. It's been alot easier lately to not try or care, and my happiness and studying have gone way up as a result.

"Eventually we grow weary of seeking treasures outside ourselves and we begin to look within. There we discover that the gold we sought, we already are." -Alan Cohen


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