Monday, February 2, 2009

February already?

Not a whole lot happened last week, but that’s not a bad thing. It was a bit more stressful than other weeks for some odd reason though, I should learn to meditate or something as I don’t like being on edge.

On Wednesday I met up with my friend Yuri, the former intern at Yayoi. She was gone 6 months to Australia to study English so it was good to see her again; I forgot how tiny she was! She gave me a cool present, and I forgot hers at my place so I’ll have to bring it next time I see her. She’s moving to Tokyo/Saitama soon to finish her university.

Friday night Michelle, Richard and I had some much needed drinks and food for a proper TGIF, and saw a movie at my place. It rained most of the day Saturday, and Michelle wanted to explore the town but we took a rain check. She came over that night instead and we played video games until late; it was fun if not frustrating at times with some of the levels. Playing games now is almost strange to me; they’ve been off my things-to-do list for so long already. I found that out again Sunday when I picked up a controller again and couldn’t play more than an hour or two before wanting to do something else; and for this game my last save file was back in April. It’s sad too as I look through my spindle of games and remember the good times I spent with my old friends and how they probably won’t get time from me again.

Maybe things will settle down for me, but who knows. I was recollecting how I haven’t had a “normal weekend” like back home in Canada for so long. I’d call up some friends, we’d have some drinks and watch movies or play games. Here I’m off to Tokyo one weekend, snowboarding another, a different country the week before that and you get the picture if you’re a regular reader. I have a feeling things may start to slow down a bit now as I become more settled in; although it was brought up today where I will be living in Ina when I move; details are still being worked out. It will be good to leave Tatsuno.

It was a beautiful spring day on Sunday. Well if 2 degrees is beautiful for you, but it was for me as I come from Saskatchewan. I was able to put laundry out to dry! Oh happy days; fresh bed sheets and a spotless house now that it’s not too cold to move around and clean. Even gave myself a haircut last night.

As I said to my students in class, my New Years Resolutions are to lose more weight, visit Canada in March, and pass the JLPT 2 this year; a huge step up. My night classes Monday help with that now; I just finished my homework that’s due tonight haha. Procrastinating like that brings back memories…

“If you want to feel rich, just count the things you have that money can't buy." -Unknown


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