Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Got back from Craven

Craven was a good time, I have like 300 pics, I'll have to start posting those right away. I've done a whole lot of packing in the last week that I'm not stressed out anymore, almost have time for video games again! But I digress...

Started my last week of work at SaskTel today, another 4 work days left. Working there has got alot better than when I first started and didn't really know anyone, but that's how most things are I suppose.

Hmm so crazy craven story eh... well in the midst of our 'socializing' John (brother) got out some binoculars that he uses at the rider games and proceeded to get his creep on with beautiful bikini neighbors. Me being the nice guy I am scoffed his attempts and showed him how to get your creep on for real. I'll post pics of it for sure so be sure to browse, the results are pretty entertaining. What can I say, I must be a good teacher.

I'm going to get to going through those 300 photos or so and start posting for my fans. Till next time...

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