Tuesday, July 17, 2007

First post

Hello everyone,
I've never done a blog before so this is all new to me. Any suggestions/comments are fully welcome and appreciated. At the time being I might have to pick an hour once a day and try to post/update then, that way something will be consistent. But anyways, I have alot of packing and stuff to do yet. Tomorrow I think I'm having lunch with my cousin, tuesday lunch with my uncle, weds wings possibly, thursday craven all the way to sunday.... ya there's lots going on, lots of going away events. It's tough saying goodbye to the friends and all; Chris is gone, Mike and Lester I probably won't see again for a long time and there will be more goodbyes coming up soon.

Not good to focus on that stuff I suppose, got too much left to do :) Even harder when you just want to sit back and play a video game or two for an hour, something that was once a common occurrence. That's alright I guess, there will always be time for games but time with friends and family is more important.

That's enough for now, hopefully I can start posting pics and comments before too long so there is something more to look at :)


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Anonymous said...

I have a suggestion for ya. Oh wait I don't. Carry on.