Thursday, July 26, 2007

Back from BC, going to Calgary in a couple hours

Hello again,

Well the BC trip was a blast, went out to Nanaimo and Victoria and cathedral grove with its massive trees in the star wars movie. Got about 500 pics, 380 after I went through and deleted the ones that didn't turn out, duplicates, etc. I'll be posting them as soon as I can but in 1/2 hour I'm going to have supper then head for my bus that takes me over night to Calgary. I finished packing and boy was that a good feeling. Now I'll just pray that the paper telling me you can pack up to 32 KG (70lbs) was accurate! Paying extra is never fun.

On the posting pics issue... I'm still looking for a site to host my blog from. My problem with this blogspot site is I can't post a slough of photos that I'll be taking. I took a quick look at image shack the other day, I'll play around with that more and if things get real bad my last resort will be myspace. Hopefully it doesn't come to that, I might just opt to update 3 sites (blogspot, flikr, youtube) for my posting needs. At any rate, wait for my mass email that I'll send out probably early august when I'll have some time to fool around online telling everyone where to go to be up to date.

I should end these emails with random quotes or somthing as "later" gets old. Here's a good one Patty told me this weekend:
"The difference between reality and fiction is that fiction needs to make sense" - unknown

Good stuff Patty, good stuff.

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