Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm alive

Hi Hi. Well... today should be my update, but I still feel like hell. I spent the last week of my holidays sick, but like a boss, I didn't let that slow me down from doing stuff. That being said I'm still not well. I'll update when I can.

I just got something in my mail about a Typhoon hitting me soon and to tell everyone that I'm alright. I'm not alright, but you get the picture. "Dear Canadian Citizen" it started with. I'm feeling distinguished somehow.

Now, back to the cold sweats and weird dreams while sucking on this weird medicine/candy.

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Daniel Pronych said...

Hoping you heal up soon Tony and be sure to give yourself a lot of rest! I remember the last time I had sickness that held for quite sometime -- very painful! Give us an update when you feel well and hopefully there will be no typhoon hitting you or anyone else there.