Monday, May 18, 2009

Luxury Camping

It's past midnight and I have nothing written up yet because I was busy making a test for my 3rd years so this is going to be brief but still look kinda long because of the pictures I end up posting. Ironically enough my story starts by how exhausted I was all of last week. I went to bed early every night, suffered through the whole day, and napped every time I got home. It was strange. I'm starting to feel better now though and hopefully I will get more done.

When I wasn't exhausted and/or eating out with friends, I went to an English camp on the weekend. This was not for students per say, but for adult English class people Neal teaches. We played games, shared stories and really just had a good time; like I ended up talking about Canada for almost an hour to a bunch of good and intelligent questions. It's funny though when they say how we're "camping in a forest" when you're really at a fancy resort with tiled floors in your wood cabin's bathroom, brick fireplace and all kinds of other luxuries. The toilet had the function "super deoderizor" or something on it, also a noise making button that is suppose to sound like you're flushing it to mask any bodily noises you may be making. I pressed it out of curiosity, but regretted it when I was hailed with a couple minute long barrage of cheap speaker noise.

In the end we ate, drank and talked lots and had a good time.

"A man may fail many times but he isn't a failure until he begins to blame somebody else." -J. Paul Getty


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