Monday, August 13, 2007

Suwa 3 hour fireworks show only 2 days away!

Hello again,
As of this writing it is Aug 13. I still havn't even applied for internet yet as I can't read the Japanese but there are services out there to sign up for me. I'm thinking I might just have to start posting blog entries on whatever site will let me so that everyone doesn't think I forgot about them (I havn't :P) Oh and I figured out how to attach a picture. That is me at Suwa lake during that 3 hour bus trip to my new home town.

Heh, typing with this keyboard is odd as I almost started getting used to the Japanese one at work. To do an apostrophe (') you have to press shift 7 among other oddities. Classes start next week and I'll be making a speech in front of both schools both in English and Japanese. I wrote up a quick English speech already, but need help translating it to a Japanese version. Since it is a holiday for the next 5 days here in Japan (Obon holiday, they celebrate their ancestors) there are hardly anyone around to help out. I think I saw maybe 8 people total at school today (I still have to show up) and I got a bottle of Sake from my Kyoto Sensei (vice principal) and gave some English lessons to the head office staff while they helped me out with some essential sayings such as "Osakinishitsureishimasu" which roughly translates to "sorry that I am leaving the office before you" used when... you guessed it, when you go home for the day and someone is still there.

I would write more but I'm pretty exhausted, I went shopping at 2 different stores today for food and should be good for a long while now. It's really expensive at first buying stuff that will last a long time (Honey, Jam, spaghetti sauce, etc) but I think I'll be good for a while. As I write this I can hear scattered fireworks going off. I can't wait for Wednesday's show, which should last about 3 hours they tell me of non stop Hanabi (fireworks).

"Motivation doesn't last for a long time. Neither does bathing, which is why they're both recommended daily"

Until next time,

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