Monday, August 13, 2007

Alright the blog will be "official", sorry for dissapearing

Good morning everyone,

I seem to be getting more emails from friends and family wondering what I'm up to so I guess this once temporary blog will become my official blog. pictures will be posted to a site like flickr or image shack I havn't decided yet nor will I be able to do any of that until I have internet at home. I am currently at my work computer and don't want to do too many personal things on it. Videos will be posted to my youtube account there isn't much there at the moment except mike falling off the custom 2 seater bike and Chris promoting CVIC's chinese EyeHome unit :) both classics if you havn't seen them yet, oh and turn the volume down as in some of the videos the language gets a little out of hand.

Sorry for the rather crude look of my site as it'll need more work in the coming days when I get internet at home. If you have questions and/or comments you can post them after my blog entries where I'll try and respond to each one. Currently I'm going to try and make sure I post atleast once a week and I figured I might end each blog with a quote as saying 'later' gets stale. But again I'm at work so I don't want to spend too much time on the internet. Have a look at some of the stories I posted already and find comfort in that yes I'm ok and havn't forgotten about you guys :P I thought I figured out how to post a pic in the next blog entry but it hasn't seen to shown up. I'll try posting it again.

A couple quick notes, if you want to bookmark the page, press CTRL and B. Also spread the word to people who might be interested that I unfortunetly left out in my email as there are many people who aren't in my hotmail address book, SaskTel workers mainly but there are other people too like cousins and what not.

"Do or do not. There is no try" - Master Yoda

Enjoy the summer,

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