Monday, December 14, 2009

Onsens are good times

It was a pretty good week I think; the whirlwind leading up to the test has died down. We went for large, juicy hamburgers after to celebrate, and on Tuesday I saw Kayo again for our last class of the year; we basically just laid down a roadmap for where I will go from here. Maybe I’ll write the 2nd level test in June, but if I don’t I’m fine with that. When I go to Thailand this Saturday, I’ll have lots of time to sit on a hot beach and make long-term plans and goals for myself to achieve. If you haven’t guessed, this will be my last update for a long while, sometime after January 11th to be precise.

I wanted to go home for the holidays, I really did. I’ve been really homesick lately too. I read recently from my sister how it was -50 back home, and some of my homesickness went away. I recalled why I chose Thailand for the holidays, because I have 3 weeks of it. One or two weeks would have been perfect for a trip back home.

On Wednesday, I went to the handicapped school for a short Christmas lesson, and helped the kids with some farm work. I harvested some spinach, and then helped dig a deep hole for some kind of weird potato. It’s really long and thin, the holes needed to be about half a meter deep (almost 2 feet?) I was given some fresh Spinach for my efforts; I’ll need to make a salad later.

Richard and I treated Kayo that night for a bit of a celebration party. We ate and drank quite a bit in Okaya, and were joined by other friends. On Thursday I was talking to Mervin, and we decided to have a movie night at his place Friday, because we couldn’t go to the Christmas party in Saku; it was too far away for Saturday’s plans. We watched 3 different movies, had pizza and beer, and had a good time.

On Saturday there was a tour of Oshiba; a large park near me that has a large Onsen. (hot springs/ public bath) It was a nice day out, and that night in Komagane I learnt a little how to Salsa dance. Salsa is quite fast, and I’m more out of shape than I remember, a common theme for when I try to do something. I’ve gained more weight than I would have liked recently, but I’ll address that after my holidays; I just won’t look that great for the beach is all.

This week should be relaxing. I have yet to review my word list since the test; I have to do it tonight or risk starting to forget what I worked so hard to remember. It shouldn’t take too long I don’t think. I have new books now, and they’re exciting to go over again; I haven’t decided yet if I’ll take them on holidays with me, but I will be helping Anna with her English when I’m there this time I think, it could be fun.

Because of the test I’m really behind on Christmas presents, but got the good idea of just buying them when I’m in Thailand. It’ll be a change of pace from the last 2 years. My mom got excited, and emailed me a short list of things she would like to see already; I guess the presents I brought back last March went over quite well.

I’m finished teaching at my one school for the year now, but still have classes to teach at Tatsuno. The kids are on school trips, so it’s even more quiet than usual. On Friday we’re having a block meeting, where we will play Taiko again, and go ice-skating. So are the plans anyways.

Well I think I have my bases covered, I can’t wait for Saturday :)

"Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." -Howard Thurman


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Unknown said...

Hi Tony!! We will be thinking of you when it is minus 50 and you are on the beach!! haha

Don't worry, we have many many more years ahead of us to celebrate Christmas together! I hope you have a great time in Thailand, and I wish I could join you!!

Love your sis,